Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Palin Equals Obama?

When John McCain picked Sarah Palin as his running mate, I commented that I thought it was odd that both presidential candidates had essentially picked their opponents as running mates. Consider, Obama picked a white-haired Senator with multiple decades of experience in Washington and who claims foreign policy as his main field of expertise. Sound familiar? Then McCain picked a fresh-faced outsider, unknown to many just a short time ago, who promises big change coming from outside the Washington beltway. It's almost eerie. But then it gets more so. As more and more information comes out about Palin, it's becoming clear that pretty much all of the Republican attacks on Obama can hold true for Palin also. Consider:

Obama: Republicans say that he lacks the experience to be president. They say that seven years in the state legislature and four years in the Senate don't give someone the background to be president.
Palin: Democrats say that she lacks the experience to be vice president. They say that eight years as mayor of a small town and less than two years as governor don't give someone the background to be president.

Obama: Republicans say that despite all of Obama's lofty words about change, he's never actually walked the walk. They say that his claims to be able to bring about change in Washington are unsupported by his actual record.
Palin: Democrats say that despite Palin's lofty words about being a reformer, she's never really walked the walk. They say that her claims about opposing the "Bridge to Nowhere" aren't really supported by the facts. Her maverick claims are unsupported by her actual record.

Obama: There's speculation that he might be a closet Muslim, though he has repeatedly said that he's a Christian. He has ties to a pastor who's been widely criticized for anti-American rants.
Palin: There's speculation that she might be a Pentecostal, a religion whose members may speak in tongues, believe in faith healing, and think the end of times is coming. Palin says that she does not consider herself Pentecostal, but that she is deeply religious. She has ties to a church that is promoting a conference to convert gays to heterosexuality through the power of prayer.

I'm sure the list goes on, but that's what comes immediately to mind this morning. I'm sure that as we learn more about Palin we'll find even more evidence that she and Barack Obama are some sort of weird political doppelgangers.

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