Thursday, July 24, 2008

I Will Not be Vice President

I want to take this space to officially announce that I will not be running as vice president for either party. I'm happy with the job that I have now and will use my current position to do everything I can to help the candidate get elected.

True, no one has asked me and I'm not often mentioned on the short lists of potential VP picks, but I just hate being left out. Yesterday, Louisiana Governor Jindal announced that he was not going to be John McCain's running mate. Well, nice to have that taken care of.

It seems like every few days I see another story about some mid-level political person (some I've heard of and some I've not) saying that he's not going to be the vice president. I guess I get that it's all part of the game. Everyone says they don't want it and then - SURPRISE! - someone gets it anyway. I just don't get why the game gets played in the first place.

Who does it really help to say that you won't be the vice presidential nominee? It doesn't really help the candidate himself because it always strikes me as kind of a shot at the person. You know, "Even if he were the last nominee for the Republican Party, I still wouldn't run with him." I also have a little trouble seeing how it helps the person saying it. They don't get anything other than a write-off from the press who's driving themselves frantic trying to figure out who the picks are going to be.

So, while I don't know why I'm really bothering to say it, but I am not going to be either candidate's running mate.

Unless they ask me. Because let's be honest, I wouldn't really turn that down.

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