Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Dave Barry for President

Dave Barry is running for president. Again. Unlike the sadly quixotic quests of Ralph Nader, Dave Barry is kidding about it though. At least I think he is.

Barry is usually more focused on making jokes about boogers and things like that then any sort of biting humor, but during his interview with CNN (link above) he does hit on two pretty good points.

The first is when he's describing why he should be president. Basically, he says, it's because he agrees with the American people on everything. And if they change their minds, he'll change his mind. He never mentions polls, triangulating, pandering, or flip flopping, but he sure got to the heart of what presidential campaigning is all about. All he left out was that he'd have to try to change his mind without anyone actually thinking he'd change his mind.

Later, when asked how the U.S. governmnent would continue to function if his "You pay $9.95" tax plan was implemented, Barry said, "I'd charge it." Again, no mention of China, the sinking dollar, or the loosening of U.S. economic hegemony that usually accompanies this kind of conversation, but he does get right to the heart of it. Our current economic plan is pretty much that of a single irresponsible person looking to charge everything and hope that the bill comes late.

Again, this is not bad for a guy who takes pride in the fact that he's the only person ever awarded a Pulitzer Prize for "writing about boogers."

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