Friday, May 30, 2008

How Not to Count

After writing yesterday about what struck me as a fair way to count the popular vote, I spent the day reading about the Clinton campaign's latest claim to victory. Namely that she will have won the popular and delegate votes in primary states. That's right, she's not even going to count the caucus states (you know, because she didn't do so well there).

As Chris Beam points out on Slate, this claim to victory is pretty absurd. If nothing else, it requires the counting of states like Florida and Michigan (which we all know have problems), but not counting states like Iowa because it used a caucus. Wow.

The point we're at now is that the Clinton campaign is simultaneously saying that we should count every vote (Translation: Give her extra delegates from Florida and especially Michigan) but that she wins if we ignore a whole bunch of states for no real reason other than that they don't help her.

I have to admit that I don't get it. At this point, it's just getting ridiculous. It's also more than a little sad to see Clinton (once such a proud figure) resorting to Alice in Wonderland style math in order to claim victory in a race she's clearly losing. The dignity of the campaign is gone and now we're into sort of a pathetic begging phase. I just hope it ends soon.

Also, since it's Friday, you should check this out. It's a crazy world we're living in.

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