Wednesday, May 21, 2008

According to Plan

It's always nice when things run according to plan. Apparently the candidates and voters in Kentucky and Oregon agree. So in voting yesterday Clinton won a landslide in Kentucky and Obama carried a healthy majority in Oregon. Also as expected, Obama won a majority of the pledged delegates in the race. It is now impossible for Clinton to overcome his lead without a huge superdelegate defection to her camp. Obama also leads the popular vote if you use any reasonable figures (though not if you count Michigan where his name wasn't even on the ballot).

Unsurprisingly, Clinton vowed to fight on and continue her campaign. The bright side of all this is that there's really only two weeks left of campaigning. After the June 3rd primaries in Montana and South Dakota, every state and person will have had the chance to cast their votes. There will be no one left. No more miracle scenarios.

The way it's looking, Obama will definitely have the delegate lead and will likely have the popular vote lead (again, assuming you use reasonable figures). He'll also likely have a big superdelegate lead by that point. You can't argue with facts like that.

As the CNN article linked above indicated, the electorate is very divided between the Democrats. Two thirds of voters in Kentucky said they would not vote for Obama in November. We've been seeing facts like that on both sides of the divide for a while. I lay that entirely at the feet of Clinton. The longer she runs and the more divisive she makes her campaign, the more we're going to see figures like that. Now that the race is essentially over, it's time to start bringing everyone together under the same Democratic tent.

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