Wednesday, February 20, 2008

More on the Attacks

While I don't think that the Obama nomination is as sure of a thing as the pundits would have us believe, we do seem to be heading toward that moment. If nothing else, you notice that the Republican attacks are focusing more and more on Obama rather than the dreaded Hillary.

That the tenor of the attacks is based on fear and imminent death for all patriotic Americans if a Democrat is elected should not come as a surprise. That's been the general Republican thrust since about 9/12. It was brought to it's clearest iteration lately by Mitt Romney who said that the election of a Democrat would be a part of aiding a surrender in the war on terror. There's not even an attempt at subtlety anymore. Now it's just FEAR FEAR FEAR!

Interestingly, Peter Wehner suggests a very different track for the campaign to run. Should Obama be the nominee, this could end up being a replay of the 1964 election. It's up to McCain which way it goes. Should he take the high road (as Wehner suggests) it could take the road of the would be Kennedy-Goldwater match-up as a campaign actually about ideas and whether America wants to follow a liberal or conservative road. On the other hand, if McCain continues the Bush/Romney/SCARY route, this could devolve into a mudslinging Daisy Ad kind of campaign. Let's hope McCain has the decency to take the high road and has the courage to run with his ideas rather than people's fears.

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