Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Attacks to Come

CNN's basically calling this election for Barack Obama (seven of eight commentators were talking about the Clinton campaign in the past tense at different times tonight), but the more important thing we heard tonight was the sharp attacks John McCain's going to use on Obama should the young senator be the Democrats' nominee. He went directly after experience, saying empty eloquence isn't real leadership (this guy doesn't help beat back that argument much). And he went on for a solid five minutes about the evils we face in the world, making a clear argument that we're sure to die if anyone but the war hero is elected.

It's clear: Fearmongering and belittling of a candidate with clearly inferior experience will be the rallying cries for the cranky Arizona senator. Time for this Democratic race to end -- we need the whole brain trust to figure out how to beat what feels like a pretty scary attack.

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