Monday, February 18, 2008

Desperate, And Ready to Destroy the Party

Hillary Clinton is showing no hesitancy about it at all: If she's going to lose, she'll bring Barack Obama and the Democratic Party down with her. Personally, I find it unconscionable, and it's right in line with both the 1990s (the Clintons were victims of that kind of mentality, though Republicans were saying "if we're going to lose, we'll bring Bill Clinton and the country down with us") and the reason I'm voting for Barack Obama in the first place. Clinton isn't making a positive argument for her candidacy -- she's in effect saying, "I may be bad, but this guy's bad too" in a year in which Democrats are and should be excited about politics. They're excited about both candidates.

This is precisely the kind of nonsense that turns people off -- slash and burn, lowest-common-denominator politics. Obama needs to rise above it for the health of our country.

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