Friday, January 23, 2009

At Last

First of all, Caroline Kennedy, what was that all about? First she's in, then she's the frontrunner, then she's not the frontrunner, then she's out but she was the frontrunner, then she's out because she wasn't the frontrunner. All I can say is that it's looking like our long state nightmare is over and Governor Paterson has picked a replacement for Hillary Clinton's Senate seat.

I know next to nothing about Kirsten Gillibrand other than that she's a Democratic female Congresswoman from upstate New York. I've also heard some rumblings that she may be more conservative than some folks are happy with.

Honestly, I don't care. We heard a lot about "Clinton fatigue" during the 2000 presidential election. I think I'm suffering from "Clinton's senate seat fatigue." Basically it's left me inert to all news relating to the appointment of her successor. I'll try to read up more on this Gillibrand character today, but I probably won't enjoy it.

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