Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Ridiculous and the Repetitive

First for the ridiculous. Connie Schultz wrote an article from the Clevland Plain Dealer on Sunday very subtly titled Men, it's not your place to tell Clinton to quit the race. You can probably guess what it's about. Basically, she says that all the men telling Clinton to drop out are just exhibiting some kind of playground behavior where the boys play hard and the girls sit over at the side. (She doesn't say anything about the women telling Hillary to get out.) The article is too silly to go much further into and her argument is patently ridiculous. Clinton is being urged to drop out of the race not because she's a woman but because she's losing, because she has almost zero chance of catching up, and because her kamikaze campaign may hurt the Democratic Party come November. I have no doubt that were the roles reversed Obama would be hearing the same thing Clinton is. And it wouldn't be because he's black. It's time for people to grow up a little and realize that facts are facts and reality is what it is. In other words, stop making excuses for why people are telling the loser to get out of the race.

Now for the repetitive. Shockingly, Obama has narrowed Clinton's lead in Pennsylvania from over 20 points to a mere six in a recent Quinnipac poll. I say shocking because it's exactly the same thing that has happened in every big state since this election began. Before Super Tuesday the polls showed Obama gaining in just about every state. But come voting time, he lost. With Ohio and (especially) Texas, polls showed Obama gaining in the states. But come voting time, he lost the popular votes. Now we're seeing it again in Pennsylvania. I'm hoping that history doesn't repeat itself yet again.

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