Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Like it Matters

I really want it to be the Pennsylvania primary already. As predicted, the six weeks since Texas and Ohio have been brutal as the campaigns hack away at each other and yet we don't get any real results from either side. At least when there's the occasional round of voting there's something to report on other than who's spinning what about who said what to who when. Because I'm getting a little bored with that story.

Even when something seemingly big happens, it isn't really that big. Case in point here is Clinton strategist Mark Penn's resignation.

In the first place, he's really just saying he's resigning. He's still going to act in an advisory role. Which is pretty much what he's been doing the whole time anyway. He's like a guy who says, "Okay, I should really get going now," but then stays for another hour anyway.

Secondly, it just plain doesn't matter much what happens in the Clinton campaign right now. This isn't like when Clinton's campaign manager resigned while the heat was still on. At this point the race is functionally over and both sides are trying to run out the clock by hurting each other and building themselves up while they wait for the superdelegates to pick someone. A big strategy shakeup (even assuming this was one) doesn't much matter when you've fully committed yourself to a campaign course the way Clinton has.

So the slog continues. Thank god there's only two weeks left.

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