Saturday, March 1, 2008

So It's Come To This

The Hillary campaign sent out a campaign e-mail yesterday that seems to speak pretty clearly to the secret weapon they're relying on in Texas and Ohio next Tuesday: women.

For months, the campaign e-mails have been full of victorious, we're-ready-for-the-Republicans kind of things and about how ready Hillary is to be president. My favorite line was something to the effect of: While my opponents are talking about me, I'm talking about how to make America better.

Then, right after losing Wisconsin, the campaign decided that mentioning the opponents (at this point, just one really) wasn't such a bad idea after all. There was a fundraising appeal basically saying: Don't let Obama keep raising more money than us. Come on! Don't you want us to win?

Now, the opponent is missing again and the tack is to appeal to the base. The e-mail that went out yesterday says, "Women all across the Lone Star State are standing up and making a commitment tovote for Hillary on March 4." Later, the e-mails says, "Women are working together for Hillary because they know she is going to roll up her sleeves and get to work for them in the White House." There's even a link to a video showing women voicing their support for Hillary.

It's interesting as a study of how fall the campaign has fallen. Where once she was the unstoppable juggernaut above the fray of the nomination fight, Hillary is now finding herself scrapping for women in Texas in order to cling to a shred of hope for a campaign that she's becoming increasingly unlikely to win. How the mighty have fallen.

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